About Me

 I've always been an artist... drawing, painting, sculpting & now sewing.  I first started sewing on my mom's old Kenmore in 2000, under the name 'Amiable Creations'.  I'm a self-taught seamstress, mainly learning through trial and error... but, I've always loved to figure out how things are constructed.  Even to this day when browsing through shopping racks, I study the garment... carefully inspecting how it was made.  My first projects (& a lot of my recent ones) were made from salvaged pieces found in thrift stores or hand-me-downs from friends, and I continue to incorporate recycled fabrics and scraps into many of my creations.  I love turning something old into something new ~ giving new life to a forgotten, tossed away garment.  I am a fabric hoarder and have a hard time resisting fabrics that catch my eye in fabric stores, thrift stores & vintage shops.

I grew up in Vandalia, Ohio... a small midwest city just a few miles north of Dayton.  I have my BA from Wright State University.  I started out as a Studio Art major, then changed to Classics (you know, all that Greek and Roman art and history stuff), and graduated in the Spring of 2001 with a major in Classics and a minor in Art History

Soon after graduation, I moved out to Colorado and spent a few years in a cool little town called Red Cliff.  While I was out there, I started my career as a commercial embroiderer at a silk-screening shop... LOVED that job! I also skied, traveled, followed music, hung out with friends, and adopted the best dog ever, a chocolate lab, Baxter Moose.

In 2005, Baxter and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina - a beautiful artsy city that I was happy to call home for 8 years.  I met and married my wonderful hubby in Asheville and became the mommy of a beautiful little boy, Waylon.  In 2013, we tried our luck out west - back to Colorado, where we had our second son, Ryder.  I was able to continue building my embroidery skills there running a 4-head and a single-head for a commercial silk-screening shop. Since we live like gypsies, we tried another adventure - this time to the northwest in Kalispell, Montana - just outside of Glacier National Park.

We moved back to Asheville in 2016 and I am very happy to be here with our family and friends.  Not only do I sew for fun at home, I also embroider professionally - I manage a large embroidery department at one of the best businesses in town... we have two commercial embroidery machines: 6-head and a single-head - I LOVE IT!  I feel as though my creativity is never-ending, and being around sewing machines, nature and my wonderful family and friends provides constant inspiration :)