Bolt Beanie, Grateful Dead Inspired winter knit hat

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I embroidered a simple 13 point lightning bolt with a textured fill and a satin stitch Outline on the front left on 4 different beanie styles:

Original Fan Art

#1: Heather Blue Pom-Pom (w/ Grey bolt)
Sportsman SP15 Solid Cuff Pom-Pom Beanie
100% acrylic
12" in length
3'' in cuff
Pom-pom on top

#2: Dark Grey Cuff (w/ Grey bolt)
Sportsman SP12 Solid Cuff Beanie
100% acrylic knit
12" length
3" cuff

#3: Navy/Red Stripe (w/white bolt)
Sportsman Striped Cuff Beanie
100% acrylic knit
12" knit
3" Cuff

#4: Charcoal/Grey Marled (w/Grey bolt)
Sportsman SP03 Beanie
100% marled acrylic
8" knit
Email me with any questions

*PLEASE NOTE:  These hats are handmade, one-at-a-time on a high-quality industrial embroidery machine.  While I do my best to get every hat uniform, each hat may vary from the product pictures*

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