Amy vs. Fabric, llc



Unique Custom Embroidery and hand-crafted one-of-a-kind clothing for the creative spirit

Copyright: Amy Holtvedt 2018


I've always been an artist...  drawing, painting, sculpting & now sewing.  I first started sewing on my mom's old Kenmore in 2000, under the name 'Amiable Creations'.  I'm a self-taught seamstress, mainly learning through trial and error...  but, I've always loved to figure out how things are constructed.   Even to this day when browsing through shopping racks, I study the garment... carefully inspecting how it was made.  My first projects were made from salvaged pieces found in thrift stores, and I continue to incorporate recycled fabrics and scraps in many of my creations. I love turning something old into something new ~ giving new life to a forgotten, tossed away garment. I am a fabric hoarder and have a hard time resisting fabrics that catch my eye in fabric stores, thrift stores & vintage shops.

I grew up in Vandalia, Ohio... a small midwest city just a few miles north of Dayton. I went to college at Wright State University. I started out as a Studio Art major, then changed to Classics (you know, all that Greek and Roman art and history stuff), and finally graduated in the Spring of 2001 with a major in Classics and a minor in Art History.

Soon after graduation, I moved out to Colorado and spent a few years in a cool little town called Red Cliff. While I was out there I ran an embroidery machine at a silkscreening shop... LOVED that job! I also skied, traveled, followed music, hung out with friends, and adopted the best dog ever, a chocolate lab, Baxter Moose.

Four years later I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, a beautiful artsy city that I was happy to call home for 8 years.  I met and married my wonderful hubby in Asheville and became the mommy of a beautiful little boy, Waylon. After sometime in North Carolina, we moved out west - back to Colorado where we had our second son, Ryder.  Since we live like gypsies, we tried another adventure in the northwest ~ Kalispell, Montana ~ just outside of Glacier National Park.

We just recently moved back to Asheville and I am very happy to be here with our family and friends.  Not only do I sew for fun at home, I also embroider professionally and I LOVE IT!  I feel as though my creativity is never-ending, and being around sewing machines, nature and my wonderful family provides constant inspiration :)

I spend a lot of time on each piece ~ adding hand drawn appliques, unique details, funky patchwork, or keeping it simple... whatever inspires me. All of my creations are quality made and sewn to last... and guaranteed to be truly one-of-a-kind.