Handmade one-of-a-kind clothing for the creative spirit

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"Beachside" ~ Upcycled Top


I just love the funky print of this long smocked dress I found at a local thrift store - a bright floral pattern against a dark navy background - I already had plans to cut until and pair it with a tank top to make a new dress... That left me with the cute smocked top & some extra fabric... So, I added straps that tie at the shoulders & a tier of fabric that hangs over the smocked visit a bit. Turning this old dress into a cute adjustable top. Upcycled and one-of-a-kind

"Desert Bloom" ~ Upcycled Top

The fabric of this top just stood out at the thrift store - so I pulled it off the rack (it was a dress)... That's when I noticed a big chunk missing from the bottom. Well, I bought it anyway & I'm glad I did - with a few minor changes, this new top is better than new! First I cut off a majority of the dress. Then I salvaged what I could of the tan floral fabric by cutting into strips. I gathered these stops and added it to the bottom hem. I then cut some of the brown fabric and added another gathered tier to the bottom of the tan fabric. It still needed more, so I added two layers of lave to the bottom hem - both in ivory, the bottom layer lighter and longer than the crochet lace on top. Perfect! The bodice is lined and has a few decorative buttons down the middle. The spaghetti straps are adjustable.

Tops & Sweaters

"Birds of a Feather" ~ Upcycled Blazer

Someone gave me this blazer... I love the deep maroon and velveteen fabric. It was pretty much perfect, but of course I had to upcycle it! First, I embroidered a beautiful peacock pattern on the back - an abstract design of two peacocks tangled together with festers and ivy. To the front, I added 5 flowers to both sides of the lapel. There... Much better! The jacket is fitted and is incredible soft. There are four pockets on the front and closes with 3 buttons. Upcycled & one-of-a-kind.

"Veruca Salt" ~ Upcycled Halter Top

I am a collector of garbage bags full of discarded clothes - and I love it! These unwanted items are given to me or I find them at local thrift stores & yard sales... This top was made from a beautiful long sleeve blouse - and I've held onto it for a while... I just love the funky print - a red yellow, grey and black with circles on a cream background - I almost didn't want to cut it up! But, I did - and I made a cite new halter top out of it. I chopped off the sleeves, the smoking on the bodice and a good part of the upper back. I re-used the original side strings (that tied in the back) as the new ties for the neck - with the elastic back, this top his very adjustable.

"Scents & Subtle Sounds" ~ Upcycled Sweater


I bought this sweater brand new a few years ago and only wore it once - not sure why, I love the lightweight material and flowy design... I guess it just needed a little more funk. So, I added several circle appliqués in different sized and cotton calico prints. The top of the sweater is a soft light grey with a gathered scoop neck and fades into black stripes and into a solid black at the bottom. The pattern continues on the sleeves, which are 3/4 length, and kind of billow out before the elastic hem. With a group of funky circles l on the bottom left and top right front of the top, this sweater with black stripes just stepped up another level. Upcycled & one-of-kind.

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"Alice's Garden" ~ Upcycled Sweater Cardigan


I was inspired by the flowers in Alice in Wonderland - so bright & lively! I found this simple perry winkle blue cardigan at my local thrift store - I just love the classic cut, but knew I had to "enhance" it a bit... I added several different style flowers around the front neckline using different cotton calico prints. Instead of using the traditional satin stitch around the edge of the appliqués, I just gave it a simple single stitch - leaving the edges to fray a bit, giving it a little more character.

"Secret Garden" ~ Handmade Tunic


I made this cute top from a 1970's vintage pattern. For the fabric, I used a cotton floral print with red, orange, yellow and brown flowers. The bodice has wide straps and a pleated front. The sides have simple ties that give extra flexibility. This top can be worn anytime during pregnancy (and makes a cute non-maternity top as well), it is very comfy and will grow as your belly grows!

"Scrappy Happy" ~ Upcycled Top



I found this simple front pocket green Henley at my local thrift store... I popped off all the old buttons. Then I stitched up a few scrap pieces of fabric to create a a random patchwork pattern - I sewed this piece onto the button cases and added a hodgepodge of buttons in different colors and styles on top. cute, simple and one-of-a-kind.

"Frockabilly" ~ Upcycled Sweater


I breathed new life into this cute slate blue short sleeve sweater... I added a blue and cream plaid cotton strip to the center front with a 3 button hodgepodge. I hand crocheted a happy little flower (100% cotton) and stitched it on the left chest.

"Let It Grow" ~ Upcycled Top



I found an over-sized striped dress at my local thrift store and turned it into this unique top... The fabric has thin and thick stripes in orange, brown, white, navy & pink - This makes up the bottom part of the shirt (front & back) and the sleeves. I added a navy blend jersey for the front and back yokes and sleeve band. I then sewed three vintage buttons on the front right yoke and one on the back left... In between the seam and the buttons, I hand embroidered a simple chain stitch using a marbled white/tan/brown embroidery thread.

"Love & Lace" ~ Upcycled Sweater Cardigan


I love the style of this cardigan - a classic cut, nice & simple. I added a heart appliqué to the front left - made from a faux-patchwork cotton print. To the bottom of the sweater, I added two different lace trims - the first one is a delicate white lace and below that a more crochet style beige lace. And I popped off the original buttons & added a colorful hodgepodge variety. Upcycled & one-of-kind.

"Peach" ~ Upcycled Top

This was once a mens button-down shirt, now it's a perfect summer top! I chopped up the old shirt and played with the peach/cream diamonds & rust dots pattern, adding a scoop neck with tie shoulder straps and an elastic back. I then added circle appliques made from scrap black cotton prints.

"New Mexico" ~ Upcycled Top


New Mexico is a beautiful state! I was very happy when I found this amazing t at my local thrift store - I love the Native American design on the front, all the colors and feathers! I cut the old shirt up and made it a fitted, scoop-necked, 3/4 length shirt - The main part of the top is navy, and I also used the same navy for the bottom part of the sleeves... I used a soft tan jersey for the front and back yolk, upper sleeve and sleeve band. I used a brown jersey for two middle stripes on the sleeve and the neck band. I also added a wine jersey for the middle band in the sleeves.

Amy vs. Fabric



"Tatonka" ~ Upcycled Hoodie

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this may be one of my favorite refashions ever! Someone gave me this simple charcoal grey/black marbled hoodie - and of course I had to upcycle it! The first think I did was embroider a colorful rainbow dreamcatcher with a small buffalo in the middle to the back of the hoodie. I then added a woven blanket-like material to the front pockets - a southwest style print with bright rainbow colors. I then hand embroidered a criss-cross pattern around the edge of the hoodie using four different "ombré" embroidery floss.