"Party Time" Upcycled Maternity Top


For some reason I was just drawn to the fabric in this vintage dress - I also loved the detail of the neckline, but not the style of the dress so much.  I knew it would make a great maternity top... so I chopped off the bottom and took off the old white 'tic-tac' buttons.  I added three different vintage buttons - red, pink and purple.  The neckline has a wonderful white piping detail, along with the scalloped sleeves.  This top can be worn anytime during pregnancy, it is very comfy and will grow as your belly grows!

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Upcycled Denim Patchwork Maternity Bell Bottom Jeans


I've had such a hard time finding a good pair of maternity jeans - that aren't 'mom' jeans! So, I took a pair of maternity jeans and added a funky denim patchwork insert done in my original 'zig'zag' pattern. The waistband will cover the belly and has an adjustable elastic/button option - so these pants will grow as your belly grows!

"Pretty in Pink Dots" Upcycled Maternity Top


I love the style of this cute pink maternity tank top, it just needed a little more funk.  I added a bunch of circle appliques, made from recycled jersey scrap fabric, to the front of this top - a lot at the belly & a little at the bust.  The top has a simple tie back that can adjust as your baby (and belly) grows.

Green & Grey Stripes Upcycled Maternity Tunic


I've had this long-sleeve turtle neck tunic laying around for a while - I found it at a thrift store and had planned on using it for fabric.  But, the empire waist made it irresistible to turn into a great maternity top!  So, I cut off the turtle neck and the long sleeves and added a soft charcoal grey jersey to the neckline and sleeves.  This top would be great for all the stages of pregnancy (and after)- it can even be worn as a dress with a cute pair of leggings.

"Secret Garden" Handmade Tunic


I made this cute top from a 1970's vintage pattern. For the fabric, I used a cotton floral print with red, orange, yellow and brown flowers. The bodice has wide straps and a pleated front. The sides have simple ties that give extra flexibility. This top can be worn anytime during pregnancy (and makes a cute non-maternity top as well), it is very comfy and will grow as your belly grows!

"BANG!" Upcycled Maternity Top


Did you feel that? It's a little super-hero growing in there! I took this cute scoop-necked long-sleeve maternity top and added two embroidered appliques - 'POW!!' & 'BOOM!' to the front... I also chopped off the sleeves and added a small band to the new short sleeves. The fabric is a stretchy cotton jersey, black with blue & red dots.

"Jitterbug Mama" ~ Maternity

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"Tree of Life" Upcycled Dress


I found this dress at a thrift store - it was in such great shape, but my plans were to make it into a top... then I found out I was expecting! Then I took a second look and realized this would make an adorable maternity dress - it just need a little something more. So, I added my original circle tree design to the lower right front made from scrap calico fabrics - all different colors & patterns.